Hermes at work (lrr)

A collection of articles from Living Reviews in Relativity; this page is a part of the Hermes-converted samples site
Note: To my knowledge, this is the first (and, for the time being, the only) open-access instance of a scientific electronic journal fully expressed in XML, MathML and Unicode
Note: these are review articles, they might load/render slowly (tens of seconds).
Note: the total time of conversion of this collection takes about 8 minutes on a P4 desktop machine: TeXing (latex, 4 minutes), conversion to XML (hermes, 2.5 minutes) and the XSLT transformation to the XHTML renderable documents you're looking at: (xsltproc, 1.5 minutes).

If you have other substantial examples (of scientific, free and open access, XML resources with all the mathematics expressed in MathML) I'll be happy to list them here, just let me know.

Latest update 27 November 2006 by Romeo Anghelache